April 11-18th
Welcome to the Gemsona Week blog! Gemsona Week is a celebration of the animated television series Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar and her talented crew. A "gemsona" is a portmanteau of "crystal gem" and "persona"- fans get creative in making gem characters for themselves.

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Jaiet by Gunkiss
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Height:  5’3” ~ 162cm
Weapon: 1-Hardened limbs’ skin: Limbs get darker and robotic like forming a dark gray exoskeleton; 2-Augmented limbs’ strength
Gem Type: Jet (Lignite)
Likes: Loads of framboise ice-cream. Sleeping. Animals. Listening to music real loud. Kicking/Punching villains’ ass. Being helpful to others.
Dislikes: Being woke up. People being mean just for the sake of it. Small talk. Getting called on her soft spot.
Hobbies: Likes to collect things such as toys, coins, pretty bows.
Talents/Skills: Great strength and  endurance to pain. Create things with her hands.
Personality: Not very social yet very loyal. Doesn’t pull her power that often. Will call you on your bs. Likes for people to rely on her as a helping hand.

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