April 11-18th
Welcome to the Gemsona Week blog! Gemsona Week is a celebration of the animated television series Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar and her talented crew. A "gemsona" is a portmanteau of "crystal gem" and "persona"- fans get creative in making gem characters for themselves.

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sorry that took forever! had to go back and edit the videos again and again so it would process. hopefully the quality wasnt compromised too much.

thanks for being patient!! watch the panel videos and listen to rebecca and jeff sing, and everyone BE HILARIOUS and all the news straight from the crewniverse themselves!

Steven Universe SDCC panel - Part 4

part 1/ part 2 / part 3

Steven Universe SDCC panel - Part 2

part 1 / part 3 / part 4

Steven Universe SDCC panel - Part 1

part 2 / part 3 / part 4

sorry guys! my hotel internet is incredibly sluggish so it’ll still be a few hours before part 1 is uploaded. and THEN another few hours for part 2. but I recorded it all! I’ll make a big post about it if you want to check the blog later tonight! I rushed back on swollen feet to start uploading it and I won’t leave the hotel til it’s all squared up. it’s hilarious with adorable songs!

though I’m apologizing in advance for any loudness or embarassing screeches coming from me I tried my best to not make the video unwatchable


also re: steven universe- once the episodes start again on august 21st, there are NO BREAKS or hiatuses til the finale!!


got this signed for madithefreckled !! aka “freckles” uvu

rebecca doodled a connie!! ian doodled a lion!! everyone was so nice and seemed to actually want to talk like i was surprised they didnt seem rushed or bored of talking to fans

i went in with inbetweenthelineart in her pearl cosplay and she buttered them ALL up and rebecca wanted a pic with her, people took so many photos of her, even deedee got her brother to take pics of sarah omg even crewniverse ppl were asking for pictures of sarah

i cry

michaela went for a hand shake slap and estelle high fived me

/still high on steven universe this video is gonna take forever to upload sorry



we had seats right in front, one of the first 20 people in!! we literally took this picture then dove into our seats bc they started to dim the lights to start the panel. 

sarah’s pearl was so perfect!! so many ppl took pictures, rebecca sugar and deedee flipped out over it, im sure youll see better pictures of sarah floating around.